Clean & Safe

Clean & Safe Establishment

Clean & Safe Establishment Declaration

The establishment Vale da Telha Hotel (RNET nº 3659)registered its declaration of compliance with the standards that allow them to advertise themselves as Clean and Safe Establishments, valid until 30th April 2021.

The World Health Organization declared Coronavirus as the causing agent of the COVID-19 pandemic, an international public health emergency. To prevent risks and infections, we guarantee the existence of an internal protocol that defines the necessary prevention, control and surveillance procedures. Likewise, this establishment declares to comply with the requirements defined by Portugal Tourism, in accordance with the guidelines of the General Directorate of Health, that allows it to consider it a CLEAN & SAFE Establishment.

Clean & Safe - Vale da Telha

Training for all employees

All employees received information and/or training about:

Internal protocol regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

How to comply with the basic precautions of infection prevention and control related to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, including the procedures.

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